Water for Life

...Water for Life allows children to explore just how water supports life on our planet through cooperatively building a community with props and watch water at work. They then explore what they can do to help protect this precious resource. This is an inquiry-based opportunity that fully engages participants in hands-on learning and incorporates several cross-curricular competencies.

Please note:

  • Water for Life is one hour in length.
  • Please no more than 30 students
  • Water for Life is valued at $250+gst*

The following is required for the program:

  1. Access to water and a sink (in a nearby room is fine)
  2. 5-6 tables or desks for the collaborative activity
  3. A smart board or multimedia projector with a computer
*Each presentation is valued at $250.00. However, we strive for equal access for all Calgarians to environmental education and empowerment, so IF cost is a barrier, we ask that your organization makes the contribution that you can afford and you will be invoiced accordingly. 

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Curriculum connections

Current curriculum connections:

  • Grade 2 science: exploring liquids

Drafted new curriculum connections:

  • Earth Systems: Understanding of the living world, Earth and space are deepened through investigating natural systems and their interactions
    • Kindergarten science: what makes up my environment
      • ​​​​​​​The environment can be protected in many ways
    • Grade 4 science: How does Earth sustain life?
      • All people are responsible to care for water and water sources.
      • Discuss the importance of water to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit.
  • Living systems: understandings of the living world, Earth, and space are deepened through investigating natural systems and their interactions
    • Grade 1 science: How do plants and animals survive?
      • Ways humans meet the needs of animals or plants
      • Ways plants and animals meet the needs of humans
    • Grade 2 science: How do plants and animals live and grow?
      • Plants and animals can be affected by human behaviour
  • Matter: Understandings of the physical world are deepened through investigating matter and energy.
    • Grade 3 science: How can materials change?
      • The water cycle
      • Demonstrate respect for water in the local environment ​​​​​​​