YYC Young Citizen Scientist Program

Imagine inspiring students to collaborate with real scientists. That's what this is about. There is no better classroom than in nature itself. The YYC Young Citizen Scientist program takes students into nature and contributes to real-world science documentation - information that can make a difference in our understanding of the natural world.

Our aim is to help teachers get students outside, making scientific observations in the natural world, and submitting these observations to assist the work of professional scientists.

Getting students involved in citizen science supports their learning in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Strengthening their scientific literacy in both the scientific method and scientific observation skills
  • Building on their natural curiosity to foster a connection to place, as well as a heightened interest in the natural world, leading to an increase in environmental stewardship
  • Moving science outside of the merely theoretical, by contributing their work to meaningful scientific research that has real world impact

Green Calgary delivers the introductory program, and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) offers a further in-depth outdoor component. There are three YYC Young Citizen Science programs being offered: "Birds," "Pollinators," and "Urban Wildlife." Please note our programs about insects are seasonal.

Our YYC Young Citizen Scientists program will come into your classroom (in-person, virtually, or drop-off kit), introduce your students to the fun world of Citizen Science!

For more information, contact our Green Kids Educator at education@greencalgary.org or call 403.230.1443x227.

  1. To ensure the YYC Young Citizen Scientists program is delivered safely during COVID-19, we are offering alternative options to meet the needs of all classrooms. Introductory class will be offered either in-person or virtually, while part two will be offered through in-person, drop-off kit, or virtual presentations. See the precautions for each option below:
  3. In-person program
    • We will follow government advice to ensure visits to schools are safe
    • Materials will be sanitised between presentations
    • Programs will be modified so students and presenters are distanced and not sharing materials
    • If visitors are not allowed into schools you will automatically be signed up for a virtual program
  4. Live virtual programs
    • Live virtual presentation to a classroom of students
  5. Drop-off kits
    • You will receive a drop-off kit with all the necessary equipment and program outlines to deliver the program
    • Materials will be sanitised between presentations

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Annual Reports:

Download a report about promoting Citizen Science from Nature Alberta HERE. This report contains links to many resources.