School Waste Assessment Program

The Green Calgary Waste Assessment program is a free hands-on interactive program bringing waste reduction to the minds and leadership of students.

During this program, students learn about:

Waste and recycling in our city

Perform a waste assessment

Make a tailored action plan based on their observation

After implementing their action plan, students will perform a second waste assessment to observe the effectiveness of their plan. This program is a great follow up and complement to our Waste in Our World program.


Teachers have the following options: 

1. Collect their own waste sample for the assessment and create an action plan tailored to their classroom or school. 

2. Use a sample provided by Green Calgary (a series of laminated waste items) and create a plan for "Waste-A-Lot School". 


This program is currently delivered as a drop-off kit and self-led presentation, with all of the equipment required. Alternatively, this program can be delivered in-person starting April 1st, 2021 onwards (Covid-19 restrictions pending).