School Waste Assessment Edu-Kits

The Green Calgary Waste Assessment Edu-Kits are a free hands-on interactive program for your students to learn more about the impact of waste in school and take concrete actions to reduce their environmental footprint through waste diversion. This program is currently available for free on a first come, first serve basis (limited availability) and is a great follow-up to our Waste in Our World program.

Using the Edu-Kit, students learn about:

Waste and recycling in our city

How to perform a waste assessment

Creating a tailored action plan based on observation

Each Waste Assessment Edu-Kit includes a lesson plan, self-guided presentation and all the materials needed to prepare this program for your class. Teachers can select from the following options:

  • Collect your own school waste sample for the assessment and create an action plan tailored to your classroom or school.
  • Use a sample provided by Green Calgary (a series of laminated waste items) and create a plan for "Waste-A-Lot School". 

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