Know Before You Throw: Waste Search for Businesses

For businesses and property managers: Looking for haulers or depots for your business or multi-family complex? Need drop off, single pick up, or regular collection of items beyond food and yard waste, mixed recycling, and landfill waste? Have specific items that you can't dispose of anywhere else? Search this waste directory by material and find a service that might be right for you! Some restrictions may apply, please contact the hauler for details.

For other residents of Calgary: Looking for collection info for food and yard waste, mixed recycling, and landfill waste for your single-family home? Check out the City of Calgary's What Goes Where tool instead.


If you're a hauler/depot and would like to be listed on the waste search tool, please complete the following form For any questions, please reach out to

Green Calgary is excited to beta launch its new waste search tool for businesses and property managers, “Know Before You Throw”! The tool is still being built and we need your help to test it! We’re inviting anyone interested in checking it out to visit for instructions. Thank you to anyone who is willing to help us out!