Rental Kits

For more information and to book any of the following kits please email


Waste edu-kit

Designed as a continuation of our ‘Waste in our World’ program, this kit contains five activities and a selection of waste-themed books. Activities include waste tracking, an exploration of single-use items and a craft using recycled materials. This rental is a good continuation of our ‘Waste in our World’ program.

Cost: $25/week

Age: grades 3-7



Environment edu-kit

Looking to take environmental action in your class? This kit is a great starting point with 2x waste activities, 2x water activities and 1x energy activity, as well as a selection of environmental-themed books.

Cost: $25/week

Age: grades 3-7


Energy edu-kit

Where does our electricity come from and how do we use it? This kit contains five activities and a selection of energy-themed books. Activities include making an electromagnet, using watt meters to measure energy, and conducting a lighting audit of your school. Can be used as part of an electricity unit or as part of an environmental topic. 

Cost: $25/week

Age: grades 4-9


School waste assessment kit

The Green Calgary Waste Assessment program is a hands-on interactive program for your students to learn more about the impact of waste in school and take concrete actions to reduce environmental footprints through waste diversion. Learn more here:

Cost: Free (with limited availability)

Ages: grades 4, 5, and 6


Vermicomposting worm bin and activity pack

Turn your food waste into compost with our vermicomposting worm bin rentals. Rent a bin of worms to keep in your classroom and watch them eat your waste! This rental is a good continuation of our ‘Worms Love Leftovers’ program. Learn more here:

Cost: 2 weeks = $30; 4 weeks = $60; 6 weeks = $90

Age: all ages

worm bin.png


Citizen science edu-kit

Connect to nature through technology and inquiry. A curated collection of resources and 10 DIY curriculum-linked lesson plans to bring science to life. Designed as a continuation of our citizen science introduction programs. Learn more here:

Choose your theme from birds, pollinators and urban wildlife.

Cost: $200/2 week rental

Age: grades 3-9