Our Rain Barrels & Accessories

Did you know that a single rain barrel can capture over 900 gallons of water a year? And that we sell them all year long? Contact us to buy your rain barrel or accessories.

Water collected in rain barrels has a natural temperature that doesn’t shock your plants and is chlorine-free - your garden and your yard will thank you! Rain water harvesting has the added benefit of helping you conserve water. And by diverting water that usually collects fertilizers and other contaminants from storm drains; you reduce the amount of polluted water being dumped into our rivers and streams. 

Our rain barrels are re-purposed food containers that are diverted from the land fill - and are low maintenance, easy to use, and very affordable.

Rain Barrel: $85 +GST. Use alone or link as many together as you want with a hose kit! Learn more.

Hose Kit: $12.50 +GSTLearn more.

Rain Barrel Stands: $50 +GST. (out of stock) An easy to assemble (no screws required) wooden stand to elevate and provide a sturdy base for your rain barrel.  Made from re-claimed wood by a local manufacturer.

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Exchange Policy: As Green Calgary is a local grassroots charity, all proceeds from our EcoStore & community sales support our local environmental programs & initiatives. As a result, we do not offer refunds. However, we will happily exchange a defective product, with a valid receipt, for a limited time after purchase.

If you're not sure about the product you are considering purchasing, please take your time in making your decision. We support conscious consumerism and never want you to feel pressured to buy a product you may not use or want. Thank you for your support and understanding.