Clean Green & the Chemistry of Green Cleaning are tailored to meet science curriculum connections for the following grades:

Grade 5 – Classroom Chemistry:  Grade 5 classes learn about the properties and interactions of household liquids and solids through hands-on exploration. Students test the effectiveness of different substances and combinations of substances for cleaning various surfaces. Students get practice mixing solid and liquid materials together and viewing the outcome in their search for an effective cleaner. 

Grade 9 – Environmental Chemistry:  Grade 9 classes will examine human-produced chemical household cleaners in further detail, with a specific focus on their toxicity and impact on air and water quality, as well as the effect on living things. Students also consider methods for transporting, storing and disposing of hazardous household chemicals. The hands-on activity allows students to realize the efficiency of making a green cleaner from basic ingredients. The program wraps-up with a brainstorm of ways to improve current consumer practices and manufacturer responsibility for ingredients and certification standards. 

These programs can also be adapted to suit a variety of grade levels. Please inquire if you would like this program for a different grade.  

      Program Benefits:

  • The program activity is designed to fully engage participants in an experiential, hands-on manner. The program is inquiry based, as students investigate a practical environmental issue and develop prospective solutions. 
  • By enhancing their awareness of the impacts of household chemical cleaners, students are inspired to take action in their own homes to make green cleaners or make insightful consumer choices.
  • The program helps extend the science curriculum to local issues students can relate to.
  • The program serves as a great way to introduce the unit to students and capture their interest, or as a wrap-up activity to reinforce the application of knowledge.