Waste in Our World is tailored to meet science curriculum connections for the following grades:

Grade 3:  Testing Materials and Designs, Building with a Variety of Materials

Grade 4:  Waste and our World

     Program Benefits:

  • Activities are designed to fully engage participants in an experiential, hands-on manner. The program is inquiry based, as students investigate a practical environmental issue and develop possible solutions themselves. 
  • By enhancing their awareness of issues surrounding waste disposal, students will have the opportunity to identify how they can make a difference by improving their own practices related to reducing, reusing, recycling and composting.
  • The program helps relate the science curriculum to local issues students can relate to and addresses many other learner expectations and skills.

  • The program serves as a great way to introduce the topic to students and capture their interest, or as a wrap-up activity to reinforce student’s knowledge.