Curriculum Connections for Powering Our World

Powering Our World is tailored to meet science curriculum connections for the following grades:

Grade 5  Electricity and Magnetism and Mechanisms Using Electricity: While gaining an understanding of different forms of energy and energy transformation, students will explore the magnet in a guitar pick up as well as participate in other hands-on learning activities such as the FenderGenerator.  Students will discuss the ways we use electricity in our daily lives, how it is measured, and how we can reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Grade 8 – Mechanical Systems: For Grade 8, Powering Our World reinforces concepts in mechanical systems such as energy transfer in mechanical devices. Through hands on activities, students will identify sources of energy and learn about power transmission. The FenderGenerator provides a physical and visual learning experience that connects mechanical energy concepts to real world experiences, expanding and deepening the application of knowledge.

Grade 9 – Electrical Principles & Technologies:  Grade 9 classes will explore energy how we obtain and use electrical energy by using the FenderGenerators as a hands on learning tool. Students will also focus on efficient use of energy consuming devices, different forms of energy and energy transformation. The FenderGenerator also walks students through a visual discussion of electrical energy storage. Engaging discussions and hands-on activities allow students to explore renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy.

Science 10 – Energy Flow in Technological Systems: Students will come to a better understanding of energy conversion and the environmental impact of energy use. Through discussions and inquiry led experiences students will explore kinetic and thermal energy conversions. Students will also explore renewable energy vs. non renewable energy sources.

Science 10-4 – Understanding Energy Transfer Technologies: Students will explore energy transfer and storage, and through hands on demonstrations learn about energy conservation.  The activities and discussions included in this workshop will support students in learning how to reduce reliance on non renewable energy sources and help the entire class set an energy conservation goal.

These programs can also be adapted to suit a variety of grade levels. Please inquire if you would like this program for a different grade.       

Program Benefits:

  • The program activity is designed to fully engage participants in an experiential, hands-on manner. The program has inquiry based components, as students investigate a practical environmental issue and develop prospective solutions.
  • By enhancing their awareness of the impacts of energy consumption, students are inspired to set and track energy conservation goals.
  • The program helps extend the science curriculum to local issues students can relate to.
  • The program serves as a great way to introduce the unit to students and capture their interest, or as a wrap-up activity to reinforce the application of knowledge.