Worms for a Week (Worm Bin Rentals)

Green Calgary is pleased to introduce its Worms for a Week rental program!  Instead of starting and maintaining a vermicomposting bin on your own, educators can rent a functional vermicomposting bin for up to six weeks.

worm bin.png

Who is this program for?  Teachers, educators, community group leaders, or anyone who is interested in facilitating a hands-on environmental learning opportunity for children and youth.

Benefits of the program

  • Hands-on education tool for composting, nutrient cycling, and animal care 

  • High student interest:  students feel empowered to care for and “babysit” their worms

  • Low  commitment: no need to worry about maintaining a worm bin over the summer or winter holidays

  • Immediate results: the bin is fully functional upon receipt

How does it work?

1. Coordination: call or e-mail our EcoStore at products@greencalgary.org or (403) 230 – 1443 ext: 222 to order a rental.

2. Payment: You will receive an electronic or hard copy invoice from Green Calgary within one week of drop off.

3. Delivery or Pick-up: If you have ordered a rental in combination with a program*, one of our educators can drop the bin off on the day of the presentation(s).  If you are renting a bin after or without a program, you must pick up the bin at the Green Calgary office (#308-301 14th Street NW).  Please visit our EcoStore page for store hours.

4. Learning!  Watch alongside your students as worms turn your food scraps and newspaper into healthy living soil!

5. Drop off at Green Calgary’s office, #308-301 14th St NW, within 2 days after your rental termination date.  Late and/or damage fees will apply.


*Please note: worm delivery is only available if an education program is also purchased.


For a 2 week rental (14 days): $30.00 plus GST

For a 4 week rental (28 days): $60.00 plus GST

For a 6 week rental (42 days): $90.00 plus GST

If you would like to purchase your own worm bin for your classroom, workplace, or home, please check out our EcoStore.  For resources on composting, please view our recently updated vermicomposting guide

For more information, please contact our Generation Green Coordinator at education@greencalgary.org or (403) 230-1443 ext: 227.