Stormwater In the City

…challenges students to build a model rainwater harvesting system that could supply certain household water uses while mitigating some of the human impacts on aquatic systems.  Students consider water quantity and quality issues arising in urban landscapes by exploring how stormwater drainage, surface permeability, and overland runoff can impact an aquatic system.  The program inspires creativity by challenging students to solve social, economic, and technical issues related to the design and use of rainwater harvesting systems. 

Please note:

  • Stormwater in the City is one hour in length.
  • Please no more than 30 students
  • Stormwater in the City is valued at $200+gst*

The following is required for the program:

  1. Access to water and a sink (in a nearby room is fine)
  2. 5-6 tables or desks for the collaborative activity
  3. A smart board or multimedia projector with a computer
*Each presentation is valued at $200.00. However, we strive for equal access for all Calgarians to environmental education and empowerment, so IF cost is a barrier, we ask that your organization makes the contribution that you can afford and you will be invoiced accordingly.
  1. In-school program:
    • We will follow government advice to ensure visits to schools are safe
    • Materials will be sanitised between presentations
    • Programs will be modified so students and presenters are distanced and not sharing materials
    • If visitors are not allowed into schools you will automatically be signed up for a virtual program
  2. Live virtual programs:
    • Live virtual presentation to a classroom of students
    • Program materials can be delivered to schools and will be sanitised between programs (Calgary only)
  3. Pre-recorded programs:
    • You will receive access to a pre-recorded video presentation.
    • Activity sheets will be emailed to you
    • Available for individuals and home-school audiences only.
    • Home School Presentations are $15 and available HERE