Chemistry of Green Cleaning

…offers students the opportunity to investigate and evaluate toxicity of traditional household cleaners and their impact on air & water quality and the health of living organisms through hands on scientific investigation. Students discuss bioaccumulation, absorption and the disposal and transport of hazardous waste. This program engages students in developing and testing green cleaners, and students will make a green cleaner to take home. The program wraps-up with a brainstorm to improve current consumer practices and manufacturer responsibility for ingredients and certification standards.

Please note:

  • Chemistry of Green Cleaning is one hour in length.
  • Please no more than 30 students
  • Chemistry of Green Cleaning is valued at $200+gst*

The following is required for the program:

  1. Access to water and a sink (in a nearby room is fine)
  2. 5-6 tables or desks for investigative and collaborative activity
  3. A smart board or multimedia projector with a computer
*Each presentation is valued at $200.00. However, we strive for equal access for all Calgarians to environmental education and empowerment, so IF cost is a barrier, we ask that your organization makes the contribution that you can afford and you will be invoiced accordingly.