You Are Not Alone

Posted on January 20, 2018

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one worried about the Earth, and being green-minded and sustainability-focused can be draining, but it’s worth remembering that while your Green Journey is yours, you are not alone. Recent stories in the news have been showing just how many people make environment a priority. Our recent announcement of a bag share didn’t come from nowhere; it’s been on the mind of many people the world over following uncertainty in our recycling programs’ abilities to deal with LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastic. Now, we see lots of stories in the news about plastic bans and a greener future, from Montreal’s recent ban to the microplastic ban, to the European Committee’s new plastics strategy. Many people, states, and organizations are jumping on board, so there’s no need to feel alone!

So what if you don't know how to help?

If you have an environmental worry or question, about anything, we’d like to hear about it! You can talk with us over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as through an email or a phone call. If you want things you can do right now, try these:

Get yourself out there! Green Calgary and many other environmental organizations have programs that you can join to be part of the solution. Participating in Green Calgary’s bag share is one way, or going to a local meetup of like-minded individuals. The important part is starting to be part of the conversation around you.

Tell someone else! The number one thing that makes a difference is getting people talking, asking questions, and learning more about being green. If you have an environmental worry or question, likely someone else does, too. The more we share and speak to one another, the louder our voices become!

If you want to help out with Green Calgary, you have options:

1. You can become a member of Green Calgary. Find out more here!

2. You can become a volunteer with Green Calgary. Find out more here!

3. We need your support to continue offering programs. Please donate today.

Thank you for being part of the Green Calgary community, and don't forget you're not alone!