Why I'm a Member

Become an influencer of positive environmental action in your local community:

  • Raise awareness of emerging urban environmental issues 
  • Empower Calgarians to take simple environmental action everyday
  • Grow a green network focused on making Calgary more sustainable

You receive:

  • Invites to member-only events throughout the year
  • Exclusive member newsletter with our upcoming opportunities to share, participate, and volunteer
  • Quarterly updates from our Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors
  • Members-only social gatherings at Green Calgary's Green Hub
  • access to checkout items from the Little Green Library
  • a limited 40th Anniversary Green Button pin
  • The right to vote at our AGM and stand for election for our Board
There are two ways to pay for your membership:
  • $10, payable in-store, or
  • Active volunteering at a minimum one (1) event in the last twelve (12) months

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"I was inspired to join Green Calgary because I have a passion for taking care of the environment…and am trying to put more time into volunteering with groups that share my interests."

-- Kathryn,
   Member since March 2014

"My inspiration for joining stems from a long held and even innate desire to help protect the resources we rely on and to actually take action rather than sit back and talk about what should be done."

-- Jennifer,
   Member since January 2014