Why I'm a Volunteer

…because you can make a difference:

  • encouraging Calgarians to live more sustainably
  • increasing your own capacity to take environmental action
  • contributing your passion and skills to help build a more sustainable city

…because you'll have a great time:

  • connecting with others that share similar interests and values
  • learning simple ways to live greener together
  • getting out into your community and meeting new people 
…because you can help:
  • represent Green Calgary at community events
  • provide administrative and/or IT support 
  • facilitate educational presentations and workshops
  • research and contribute to online resources
  • run annual celebrations and fundraisers

"Over all, not only am I volunteering for the betterment of the community's environment, I also really enjoy working alongside volunteers & staff. Very friendly, helpful & fun to talk to"

-- From 2016 Volunteer Survey

"I love that every time I volunteer, I can contribute and learn something new. Plus the GC staff and other volunteers are a pleasure with which to work"

-- From 2016 Volunteer Survey