Environmental Unity: Calgary's Water Crisis and Community Action

Posted on July 4, 2024

As known from the recent emergency alert in Calgary, the city is currently experiencing a water crisis due to a major water pipe break. This incident has led to a disruption in the lives of many Calgarians (including you, reader!). Crises like these serve as a critical example of the importance of collective community action: how each person’s individual efforts can contribute to overcoming challenges and building a more resilient community. This blog delves into the various ways individuals can make a significant impact during such crises.

Beyond emergency response, community resilience plays a crucial role in overcoming such a crisis. Your efforts contribute to the collective action of a community. Now, how exactly can you contribute to building a more resilient community during the water crisis?

1. Conserve Water

Every drop counts, of course! Reducing your water consumption is the quickest way you can contribute and support your community. Take shorter showers, wash only on a full load, turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth. Small simple actions like these can accumulate to create such a big impact over time. By being mindful of our water use, we can all work together to conserve this vital resource and support our community during the crisis. 

2. Use Water-Efficient Appliances

If possible, look into using water-efficient appliances. Such examples include a dual-flush toilet, or low-flow showerheads. These devices are designed to reduce water consumption without sacrificing performance. They help you the save water during your everyday, without the need of much effort. Using these appliances can make a big impact on your water consumption in the long run (and your water bills too!). Investing in these simple changes can help conserve water and support your community, especially during times of crisis.

3. Stay Informed

Due to panic, in times of crisis, misinformation can spread like wildfire. It is important to stay informed about updates through reliable news sources or the City's official communication channels, such as the City of Calgary website and social media channels. This way, you get accurate updates and know what actions to keep your community safe. 

4. Spread Awareness

Whilst staying informed, it is also important to spread awareness and share such reliable news. Spreading awareness leads to the people in your network informed. Apart from that, it can create a lasting impact on the community, if done collectively. The more people are informed, the more people there are who are willing to take action. Spreading awareness can create lasting sustainable practices in the community over time.

5. Advocate for Sustainable Practices

Practising these sustainable habits does not end once the water crisis is over. Use theis crisis as a catalyst for long-term change. Continue to advocate for sustainable water managment practices in your community. With the power of technology at your fingertips, you can easily advocate for continued environmental consciousnes on your personal social media platforms. You can also support intiatives that focus on improving infrastrucutre, prtoecting natural water sources, and promoting conservation. 



Aira Dela Rosa 

Communications Volunteer Team 

Green Calgary