Green Calgary Bag Share

Posted on January 13, 2018

Green Calgary’s bag share is coming, and your community needs you!

I need your help.

There is a global movement to reduce our reliance on single use, low quality plastics. Many countries and cities have banned LDPE bags, and some are looking at broader, more inclusive bans that will see industry forced to change the way they manufacture, ship and package products.

The reason for the shift is really simple – these single use plastics are polluting our land, air and waterways. They are being found in our communities, in our waterways, in our wildlife and food.

Green Calgary wants to help all Calgarians get started on the road to less reliance on plastic. We are hosting a Boomerang Bags workshop later this month, and we will be selling reusable bags starting next week. Every single Calgarian has a role to play in our sustainability story, and time to volunteer or cash to buy a reusable bag should not be an obstacle on someone’s green journey.

One of our team members, Christie, is spearheading a brilliant program to help everyone gain access to reusable bags – a Bag Share. Recognizing that many of us have an excess of bags in our closet or garage (I am thinking about the dozens of bags that I receive for attending and teaching at conferences or attending charity events), Christie has tasked the team and I with gathering all of those excess bags from around Calgary and then making them available to anyone who needs a bag or two.

Challenge accepted, Christie.

Here’s what I need from you – any reusable bags that you aren’t using. They can be any size, any material, any logo, from anywhere. You can drop off bags for donation to the Green Calgary office / Green Hub on the corner of 2 Ave and 14 Street NW.

Even more help - if you’re able, please take the lead at your office or within your circle of friends and family – be our “collection coordinator” for your circle of people. We’ve made some posters and social media posts that you can download, print, share, and post to let those around you know to bring their reusable bags to you – grab those from the bottom of this post.

Reusable bags can be dropped off at Green Calgary Monday to Saturday until February 14, 2018.

From February 15 – 17, 2017, during regular EcoStore/Green Hub hours, all Calgarians are invited to visit Green Calgary to pick up a donated reusable bag or two to help them reduce their reliance on single use plastics.

Each Canadian uses an average of 200 LDPE bags per year. Imagine the profound impact you can have in helping your fellow Calgarians by donating your excess reusable bags and helping others to donate, too.

If you have questions, or want to volunteer to help – let us know.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for helping.

Be well,

Download a social post or two!

Download the poster!