5 Tips for Eating Mindfully in the Fall/Winter

Posted on September 20, 2015

It's getting cooler and while we posted 5 Sustainable Food Tips last month, reminders to eat mindfully are always good (in our humble opinion). Here are a few more tips for eating green in the chillier months:

1. Eat Seasonally: Eating seasonally is a great way to experience and connect to where you live. Alberta Agriculture has a seasonal fresh food guide to know which foods to choose when. And get cooking with this collection of seasonal recipes from the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association.

2. Can it! We know it can be near impossible in Alberta’s climate to grow fruits and veggies all year long. Thankfully, canning is a technique that doesn’t take much energy to preserve local eats. Need help getting started? Join us at our beginner’s Canning Workshop September 26th!

3. Meet the Locals: Eating local is all about knowing where your food comes from, and even better, who made it. Get to know your local food producers at your nearest farmers market (many run year round). Every dollar spent at a farmer’s market is one less dollar supporting the industrialized food system. 

4. Grow Something Edible Indoors: Growing herbs, lettuces...anything edible with shallow root systems will encourage your household to eat healthier and you know exactly what's gone into producing them. Winter indoor gardening is easy and affordable by a sunny window as long as you choose simple things to grow. To ensure you get great results, consider signing up for our Brewing Your Own Compost Tea workshop on Nov 4th.

5. Learn more: We have many more tips on our online Sustainable Food Tip Sheet. You can also host a Green Tea (an in home consult) where you and your friends/family can learn more about how the food choices you make help build a more sustainable food system. Or check out the following events:

Hopefully, you'll incorporate a tip or two this fall or winter...and consider sharing your tips and tricks for eating mindfully on our Facebook and Twitter. And while it's not technically a tip for eating more sustainably, we would encourage you to compost your food waste whenever possible and take the time to reduce your food waste whenever possible. Our tips for reducing food waste will be coming next month!