New Bylaws to Handle Calgary's Business Waste

Posted on September 29, 2015

On September 18, The City of Calgary’s new business recycling by-law amendment was unanimously approved by committee, and is scheduled to be brought to council for approval on October 6th. If passed, the bylaw amendment will take effect November 2016 and will require all businesses and organizations to separate and recycle paper, cardboard and certain other materials.
For those unaware, The City of Calgary proposed a strategy to divert waste from the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector, which includes offices, stores, schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, hotels, manufacturers, factories, warehouses and other businesses and organizations. This strategy was approved by council in May 2014.
The first step of this strategy was to add paper and cardboard to the Designated Materials List. Garbage sent to the landfill with materials on the Designated Materials List are charged increased tipping fees. This is to encourage the recycling of these materials instead of having it disposed of in the landfill. Starting February 1st 2016, commercial vehicle loads that contain paper or cardboard will be charged at $170 per tonne, which is far greater than the basic 2015 rate of $113 per tonne. This means haulers will be charged extra for the disposal of waste from the ICI sector.
What can you do to prepare for the change? The best way to get started is to ensure your business has an appropriate recycling program. However, changes won’t occur over night. Employees and tenants already have habits in place and getting people to switch to a new recycling program can be challenging. Green Workplace is currently offering a FREE 1.5 hour Waste Workshop for Business that fully details the City’s strategy, why it’s important and how you can get your business into compliance.