Green Teas (In-Home Consults)

Everyone loves a party and you get the most when you sign up to host! A Green Tea allows you and your guests to learn about simple, practical and affordable ways to maintain a greener household.

Just like a tea party, you invite 4-6 friends into your home and our Green Homes & Communities facilitators provide resources, tools, tips and checklists that can help you:

  • save on your energy bill
  • choose non toxic cleaning and personal care products
  • reduce household waste
  • lower your water usage
  • and so much more!

And because it's a tea party, we promise to make it fun all while helping you make Calgary a more sustainable city! Hosts receive aprox. $50 in green cleaning products, water saving fixtures, and personalized solutions for their homes absolutely FREE!

This program is now concluded. Please find more recent programs here!