Corporate Lunch & Learn Program

To get your staff engaged and provide them with the tools to live and work sustainably, we offer Lunch & Learns on a number of topics for practical environmental action.  Each presentation lasts approximately 55 minutes and includes time for Q&A.

Each session is just $275 (incl.GST) or book 4 for $1000 (incl.GST). Ask about our discounted rates for Green Calgary members and current clients.

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Workplace Recycling: A Lunch & Learn customized and tailored to your workplace's current waste program. Includes discussion of what your program covers, sorting, contamination, and the importance of recycling.

12 Steps to a Greener Home: Learn about reducing waste in your home, how to reduce energy and water consumption, learn to spot green washing in cleaning products, and other green home tips.

Ins & Outs of Composting: Learn the do’s and don’ts of composting; what’s involved in backyard composting, vermicomposting (worms!) and Bokashi composting, and how to address common problems that might arise. 

Squeaky Clean & Green: Learn to identify truly green cleaning products and the easy recipes for making homemade cleaners. Make one of your own with everyday non-toxic products that are safe for you and your family.  Maximum 14 participants.

Sustainable Table: Learn the difference between industrial and sustainable food production and the steps you can take to make healthy and environmentally friendly food buying choices.

NEW! Cycling in the City: Presented in partnership with Arusha, this session shows you what to expect as a casual rider or commuter on Calgary's cycle infrastructure. Learn the skills, rules and how to prepare for occasional or year-round riding to work.

NEW! Waking your Green Garden: Short on time and just starting out on your green journey, but want to learn some easy ways to make your garden and yard sustainable while also saving some “green”?  This Lunch & Learn will touch on composting methods addressing specific Calgary needs, different types of rain barrels, tree selection, planting and their many benefits.