Green Workplace Education & Training  

We offer a variety of corporate environmental training programs to get your team engaged in sustainability and equipped with the tools to take environmental action in the workplace. 

Green Workplace Webinars 

Sign up for one of our monthly workplace webinars to learn about sustainability and how to achieve green goals at work.

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If an upcoming webinar isn’t what you’re looking for, here are some other topics you can book for your team! 

  • Waste Watchers: Looking for ways to cut down on your office waste? Learn about the environmental and economic importance of recycling, how to bring waste diversion into your workflow, and ways to reduce waste from the source. 
  • Level up your Green Team! Take your Green Team to the next level by learning about how you can green your office through electricity and water conservation, emissions reduction, waste management, team engagement, and procurement. Don’t have a Green Team yet? This is a great place to start! 
  • Looking for something else? Any session can be customized to address the specific waste or environmental topics in your building. Contact us to learn more. 

Training options 

Select a training option that works with your employee or tenant schedule! In-person and virtual sessions available.  

  • 30-minute Session / $200  
  • 1-Hour Lunch & Learn / $300 
  • 90-minute Workshop / $500  
  • Miniseries (3x 30 min webinar) / $450 

Contact our Green Workplace team today to book!