Power of Nature

Join us to discover the Power of Nature! We will explore the importance of renewable energy and how it impacts our lives, our careers, and our economy. It will introduce you to the science behind clean energy and energy-saving tips for you to use at home and in everyday life. 

The Power of Nature Program covers: 

  • Climate change: what it is, how it impacts us, what the City ofCalgary is planning to do for mitigation and adaptation. 
  • Climate change and the economy 
  • Renewable energy technology: how do solar, wind and hydro powerwork? 
  • How to bring renewable energy to your own home 
  • Jobs in the renewable energy sector: interview with professionals in the industry 
  • Tips and ideas on how to lower energy consumption at home, comparing energy usage of different appliances at home  

Cost: $200* for the entire program

*Subsidies available for ESL and low income groups