Community Presentations

To get your community engaged and provide them with the tools to live and work sustainably, we offer presentations on a variety of topics for practical environmental action.  Each presentation lasts approximately 1 hour and includes time for Q&A.

Each session is just $200 (incl. GST) for community groups and non-profits (membership benefits may apply).

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12 Steps to a Greener Home: Learn about reducing waste in your home, how to reduce energy and water consumption, learn to spot green washing in cleaning products, and other green home tips. (ask us about subsidies for groups of 20 or more).

Beyond Recycling: Learn easy ways to reduce waste at home and upcycle some of the items you already have. You'll also learn the benefits of composting and get a quick intro to different methods including backyard composting, vermicomposting (worms!) and bokashi. (ask us about subsidies for groups of 20 or more)

Ins & Outs of Composting: Learn the do’s and don’ts of composting; what’s involved in backyard composting, vermicomposting (worms!) and Bokashi composting, and how to address common problems that might arise.  (ask us about subsidies for groups of 20 or more)

Event Greening 101: Learn how to host great community events while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint; strategies, tips, and how to incorporate green practices in your event planning. Please note: this is a 1.5 hour workshop.

Clean & Green: Learn to identify truly green cleaning products and the easy recipes for making homemade cleaners. Then make your own cleaner using non-toxic everyday products that are safe for you and your family. Maximum 14 participants.

Sustainable Table: Learn the difference between industrial and sustainable food production and the steps you can take to make healthy and environmentally friendly food buying choices.

Recycling 101 at Home: Learn about the “do’s and don’ts” of your black, blue and green carts at home. We will cover what goes where, commonly confused items and tips for waste reduction in your home! This presentation is eligible for subsidy, contact us for further details.

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