Welcome to 2023 Rain Barrel Sales

Posted on March 29, 2023

Every year Green Calgary hosts rain barrel sales as a fundraiser to help support education efforts throughout the year. We know there are many rain barrels out there to choose from, so why pick us? Yes, the sales support Green Calgary as a charity, but you can donate and support us that way, right? Well, we have a few other really good reasons to shop local with us: 

The rain barrels Green Calgary sells are made locally by husband and wife team The Barrelman. For 25 years The Barrelman has been making rain barrels out of food grade plastic barrels they collect directly from businesses. Not only does this make the quality of the barrels very high, but it eliminates the need to process the plastic through the recycling systems of our province. Each barrel is designed with mosquito netting, brass taps, and ports for ease of connecting multiple barrels, if necessary, to maximize water collection from one down spout. They live in the community, know the fluctuating weather patterns of the prairies, and care about the future of our environment.  

Each barrel holds 208 litres of rain capture per fill. This means 3400 litres of water could be saved with just one barrel, per year.  

From personal staff and board experience, barrels can last over 15 years when taken care of. The most vulnerable spots for wear and tear can be repaired by The Barrelman in minutes. Green Calgary offers free workshops every year to help you take care of your barrel, including winterizing tips.  

Using rainwater to maintain your flowers and shrubs, including indoor plants, is healthier for the plants. Rainwater’s pH level and temperature is ideal for plants and does not contain chlorine. Not only are you saving on potable water for non-potable uses, but your plants will thank you.  

Did you know that the storm drains, the grated water-runoff systems you see at the end of your street, go directly to the river? The water that flows into the storm drains does not get treated first. Capturing rainwater in a rain barrel helps protect the stormwater systems from becoming overwhelmed in periods of large rainfall and flood. It also means less runoff from yards ends up in the river. In periods of drought, using your rainwater to water your yard allows this captured rain to seep back into the ground water system. It also helps remove stress on the river when the season is dry and the river is low.  

Every summer, Calgary’s water usage goes up by 30-40% due to outdoor lawn watering and gardening. By mid-summer, the river we depend on for water is relying mostly on rainfall (which we all know can be sparse) and ground water to flow. Calgary is located very near the headwaters of the Bow and Elbow rivers, but the water from these rivers are part of a very long system that eventually flows into Hudson Bay. The communities downstream of us, especially those in Alberta, rely on much of the same water. Conscious, collective action is key to long-term environmental sustainability that benefits us all. Rain barrels are just one easy and affective way we can help our communities.  

Online sales begin April 1, 2023 and our first in person sale will be on April 29th at IKEA. Can't wait? Golden Acre Home & Garden has them on sale now. Early bird sales mean rain barrels are $78.00+GST until June.  

We’ll also be holding some rain barrel Q&A and installation workshops over the next month. You can find more on our Eventbrite page.  

Happy gardening!