"Tiny Home Big Environmental Impact" by Michael Bartz.

Posted on February 7, 2022

Let's meet Michael Bartz, "In Over My Head" podcast producer & host!

Michael is an actor, writer, as well as a podcast producer and host! An interview-style podcast show, In My Over Head is where environmental experts and Michael talk about how we can all reduce our environmental footprint to help "save the planet". Click here to check our and subsribe In Over My Head podcast!


Tiny Home Big Environmental Impact

When I think of family, I always think of home and all the good memories I had growing up. My dad and I were constantly building something in the garage, tinkering away on some crazy project. In 2017 I decided to undertake the biggest project of my life by building my own off-grid Tiny Home. It took four years, thousands of hours of building, and so much planning and dreaming. My dad was there whenever I had questions or needed a helping hand. 

Now my partner Sara and I live in our little home on a farm in southern Alberta and are creating our own sense of family in 18.5 square metres (or 200 sq ft).

I chose to live this way to reduce my environmental impact, and to show others that it’s not impossible to change your lifestyle to help “save the planet”. But when I thought about all the other aspects of my life that impacted the environment, I started to feel overwhelmed, I felt in over my head!

So with funding and mentorship from Telus STORYHIVE, I created the In Over My Head podcast. Each season I interview environmental experts about how to effectively reduce my environmental impact. The tagline says it all “Tryin’ to save the planet, oh will someone please save me?!”

The more informed we are, the more effective our environmental efforts will be. By being involved with community organizations like Green Calgary, you’re already on the right track. They have tons of great initiative and information. But if you and your family are feeling a little in over your head when it comes to saving the planet, listen to the show. You might just learn something and maybe be inspired to take on your own environmental project with your kids. It may not be building an entire house, but every little bit counts. Let’s make a difference together!

Michael Bartz 
In Over My Head Podcast Producer & Host