DIY Craft ideas! to reduce waste at home

Posted on January 31, 2022

From 2002 to 2018, the total amount of solid waste generated in Canada increased by 4.8 million tonnes and the amount of waste disposed in landfills or incinerated increased by 1.7 million tonnes to reach 25.7 million tonnes.

Currently in Canada, over 70% of garbage collected ends up in landfills and this brings up environmental issues, such as air emissions, land disturbance and water pollution. To reduce waste and increase awareness of the impact waste generation is having on the environment, Green Calgary encourages you to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and try reusing or upcycling household trash for new purposes!

Here are some fun zero-waste DIY home craft ideas for you and your family!

1. Kitchen Garden

It is always hard to buy foods without packaging from the grocery stores, but there is a way we can reuse cans, jars, and plastic containers. Once you wash off your containers and labels, you’re all set! Your old food containers can turn into perfect pots for compact plants and you can also add a little compost and some seeds!

2. Upcycle old candles!

Have you noticed that candles tend not to burn all the way down? Do you usually throw out a wax residue at the bottom of the container? Now you can make unique new candles by reusing leftover wax! All you need are (molten) leftover wax from your old candles, a small wooden stick or string in olive for an hour, essential oils, and any jar or tin! Isn’t it a perfect zero-waste gift?


3. Make gift bags from old newspapers

Do you have a stack of old newspapers and magazines? You can turn them into fun unique gift bags! You won’t need to buy wrapping papers and gift bags for every holiday and save money!