Does sustainability influence your shopping habits?

Posted on January 24, 2022

Everything we buy and sell has economic, environmental, and social impact. The main goal of shopping sustainably is to protect biodiversity and nature by reducing carbon footprints and to support ethical manufacturing processes and local businesses.

Green Calgary is here today to introduce 3 ways to consume sustainably and a couple of local shopping spots in Calgary you need to check out!


  1. 1. Sustainable Wardrobe: “The 30 wears test” & “Pocket Wardrobe”

How much did you pay for your clothes in your wardrobe and how many times have you worn? According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it takes 3,781 liters of water to make a pair of jeans which is equivalent to the emission of 33.4 kilograms of carbon and 87% of the total fiber input used for clothing is incinerated or disposed of in a landfill.

To prevent these negative ecological impacts, the founder of Eco Age and Harper’s Bazaar introduced #30wears campaign to encourage consumers to purchase clothing items that they will really wear; “Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times? If the answer is yes, then buy it.”


2. Support local businesses!

  1. Buying things locally is also part of shopping sustainably. Check out small and local stores in your neighbourhood without driving your vehicle or transports! Locally owned businesses make more local purchases requiring less transportation and usage of vehicles and they are more likely invested in the community’s future. “Think globally, act locally!”

Here are some YYC local businesses you should check out! 

  • Dairy Lane Café (319 19th St NW)

Open since 1950, they source ingredients from local farmers and have a mission to reduce environmental footprint! P.S. They serve amazing coffee and brunch!

  • Canary (1225A Kensington Rd NW)

Canary is located in our Kensington neighbourhood! Perfect place to get into a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle! Canary has amazing bulk refillable household (kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, personal care..) products! You can purchase ethically made, reusable containers in store and you could also bring your own!

  • Good Neighbour (149 5 Ave SE)

Good Neighbour is the first pay-what-you-can community market in Calgary downtown! It is a second-hand store featuring clothes, books, plants, and even food. Good Neighbour is actively accepting clothing donations and puts its profits towards supporting Calgary communities.


3. Support good practices

Keep informed and research eco-friendly companies that you would like to support! Purchase what you really need to reduce packaging and support companies who use renewable energy to manufacture their goods and pay fair wages for their employees!