Give the Gift of Green: Support Green Calgary this Giving Tuesday!

Posted on November 21, 2023

Why Give to Green Calgary?

In a world where environmental challenges are on the rise, taking action to create a sustainable future has never been more crucial. As we approach Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to charitable giving, there's no better time to support organizations that are making a tangible difference. Green Calgary is one such organization; we have been at the forefront of urban environmental advocacy since 1978.

Green Calgary is an organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. For over four decades, Green Calgary has played a pivotal role in supporting Calgarians in their journey towards a greener, more eco-conscious existence. From homes and workplaces to schools and communities, we are passionate about reaching out to as many Calgarians as possible to inspire them to make effective environmental action in their daily lives.

What are you giving towards?

Your donations would go towards growing the reach and impact of our current and future initiatives. Green Calgary runs diverse programs that support community members of all ages and walks of life. Some our main programs constitute the following:

The Green Kids program delivers environmental education to kids in grades K-12. It is an opportunity for our future leaders to engage in critical conversations about environmental stewardship at an early stage.

The Green Homes and Communities programs focuses on empowering homeowners to embrace affordable green options in their daily lives, from reducing toxins in their local waterways, increasing food security, and reducing energy usage in the home.

Our organization takes a holistic approach towards creating positive environmental impact not only in homes and school but in the workplace as well. The Green Workplace is an award-winning program that assists hundreds of organizations to reduce their carbon footprints.

By supporting Green Calgary, you are directly supporting increased environmental awareness in children’s education. You are empowering households to become more environmentally and economically efficient. You are encouraging businesses to provide eco-friendly and sustainable services.  

Where can you give?

As we approach Giving Tuesday, let's come together to support the impactful work of Green Calgary. Your contribution will not only help sustain their ongoing initiatives but also contribute to the realization of a world-class city that leads the way in environmental sustainability.

Join the movement, and let's give the gift of green this Giving Tuesday!

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