Selling Homes & Social Entrepreneurship

Posted on June 7, 2015

We love hearing about innovative ways to spark social change. If you’re moving soon or just interested in social entrepreneurship you’ll want to hear about Agents for Change!

Agents for Change has a unique business model; they will provide you with a talented real estate professional while also giving you the opportunity to donate a portion of the fees typically paid to your real estate broker, with a charity that you care about.

How does that work? They match you with real estate agents that meet your needs and share your values. Their agents agree to direct 20% of their commissions back to your favorite charitable organization when you buy a home or sell a home with them – at no cost to you.

Agents for Change is truly a creative and innovative organization, taking a special moment in their customers lives - buying a home - and allowing them to spread the joy with a cause dear to their hearts. They are helping to build capacity and sustainability in the charitable sector (as government funding continues to decline across the sector) and believe in sharing their profits. We're proud to be partnering with them and hope you'll consider using their services the next time you consider buying or selling your next home!