A Greener Father's Day

Posted on June 1, 2015

Fathers, grandpas, papas, pops...the men in our lives who care for us, mentor us, and love us get their day this June 21st (although frankly everyday is an opportunity to show a little appreciation in our humble opinion). How are you honouring your pop's this Father's Day while still being good to the planet? We've come up with a list of tried and tested ideas to green up Father's Day!

1. Ditch the disposables - even though electric razors require energy, even a year or two's use of an electric razor far outweighs the energy needed to produce, package, and ship the number of disposable razors used in the same amount of time (not to mention the landfill costs!). Make sure to find something that fits your dad's style.

2. Tool lovers rejoice - is your dad one of those guys who never has enough tools and has maybe outgrown the garage? Well, instead of buying more tools, he can have access to almost a limitless supply with a membership to Calgary's Tool Library!

3. Home Grown Beers - is your dad a beer connoisseur? Or maybe he just likes a cold one on his deck on a warm summer's day? Well think about sourcing some local brews just for him! Check out Village Brewery or do a little googling for a great beer that's locally produced.

4. Quality time - spend some time with your pops where he doesn't have to plan anything. Is that a hike in a local park with some trail mix, re-usable water bottles, and a map? Maybe he loves to fish and you can rent a boat, all the gear, and a spot of lunch while you meander down the river? Whatever it is, make sure that it's something he might enjoy and you can get some quality bonding time.

5. Gardener's paradise - would you father prefer puttering in the garden than going out? Consider buying him a tree or shrub or rain barrel or composter. You'll know what he's hankering for because he's probably been talking about plans all winter! Then help him plant or install your gift.

6. Gadgety gadgets - is your dad a gadget fanatic? Consider getting him some solar powered devices that are useful and green at the same time. There are solar powered smartphone chargers and all kinds of neat items for camping trips.

7. Celebrating family - plan a big get together with the entire family and either fire up the grill and buy some seasonal local ingredients from a nearby farmer's market or take him out to a great local restaurant like Ox & Angela's!

Whatever you do, find a way to honour and celebrate the great men in your life who have played a part in raising you or someone you love. Happy Father's Day!