Introducing the Power of Nature!

Posted on March 11, 2021

Green Calgary is thrilled to launch our new program, Power of Nature, this month!

Delivered in collaboration with Immigrant-serving agencies, Power of Nature will bring accessible climate education for Calgarians from diverse backgrounds. Covering topics from Climate Change Basics to creating meaningful career connections in the sustainability sector, Power of Nature aims to act as a comprehensive guide and resource hub for new Canadians to adopt an environmentally responsible lifestyle.


Despite the tremendous impact on our programing in 2020, our Power of Nature Pilot last year saw a huge need for culturally appropriate and accessible environmental education for newcomers in Calgary. Often arriving from a very different climate, many newcomers might not be aware of ways to reduce their carbon footprint due to language and cultural barriers. After joining our pilot program, over 90% of participants responded that our presentation helped them to understand renewable energy better, and over 90% of participants pledged that they would lower their energy use at home.


We are extremely grateful to the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, TD Friends of the Environment, and the Minto Foundation for their generous support of this initiative. Thank you for providing accessible climate education for all Calgarians with us!