Get the Kids Outside This Long Weekend!

Posted on February 16, 2023

The long weekend is shaping up to be a beautiful one (for February, at least) and with the kids being off school until Monday, there is a lot of time to fill. It is proven that getting outside and moving are beneficial to both our physical and mental health. We are inherently part of nature, so it makes sense that being in nature would make us feel good and foster connection.   

You don’t have to head to the mountains to get outside and enjoy the last of winter, though. Calgary has an abundance of outdoor activities, many free, for families to participate in. The best part? When you stay in the city you are always close to a hot chocolate seller (did we mention the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is still going on?), so pack your to-go cups, your sense of adventure, and explore something new this weekend. 

The famous Calgary thaw/freeze has made it bare and bit icy to toboggan, but you can still find skating rinks open. The City of Calgary maintains a number of rinks around the city with a few locations also offering skate rentalsBowness Park has some added fun activities including Crokicurl and ice bikes to check out. The forecast for next week does call for snow, so if you are still itching to get your sled on, the city also has a list of maintained toboggan hills you could check-out next weekend. But don’t forget to look in your own backyard. Many communities have great hills and community run skating rinks for everyone to enjoy.    

A little more need for speed? Winsport’s tube park is another fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Book tickets ahead of time to get your spot. They are open on Monday for Family Day, too.  

Sometimes it’s nice to head out without a plan and explore. St. Patrick’s Island, The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre, Nose Hill Park, and Fish Creek Park are just a few of the parks in and around the city that are great to explore. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Calgary has many walking paths where you and your family can discover new birds, see wildlife (please be respectful), and take in the beauty of the seasons.  Whether you walk, skate, or slide this weekend, getting outside for a little while will better your mood and foster a connection with nature. It has been proven that when we connect with nature, we are more likely to protect it. Your adventure this weekend could foster a future nature conservationist in one of your family members! 

Mix it up with a little outdoor fun one day then hit up a museum the next. This Family Day a number of Alberta run museums will be free! Museums on the list are: 

Or check out the Military Museum’s Family Day activities (not part of the free list, but very affordable for a family to participate). 

Don’t stop here. There are so many fun things to explore this weekend, so check out and have a safe and wonderful Family Day long weekend!