Eco-Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 9, 2023

Valentine’s Day is next week and you might be thinking “what is a fun date idea that is also eco-friendly." No you weren’t? Well now you are.  

Days like Valetine's can be a lot of fun, but it’s easy to get caught up in the same old chocolates, candy, card, take-out. If you’re searching for a way to say, "Be My Valentine" this year without breaking the bank or producing a lot of throw-away at the end of the night, we might have exactly what you are looking for. Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, so many people will be celebrating over the weekend. Either way, these Valentine’s ideas are fun, take minimal resources to execute, and we hope will create a memorable day with your Valentine. If you read our blog regularly, some of these ideas may be familiar, but no less fun to try. 

Head out for an afternoon or evening and check out some free events. The Glenbow Museum is hosting the “Howie Tsui: Retainers of Anarchy” exhibit. It is free but book your ticket online to ensure you can get in when you want. Skip the drive and bike* down together or take the train (it stops 2 blocks away). On your way to or from the museum, you could also stop at Olympic Plaza for a skate. Rentals are available on site, as well.  

The free “Light the Night” experience at the Currie has been extended to March 18th. You and your Valentine can walk the winding pathways and see 7 distinct light installations. For an extended date, you can also take a guided tour ($10.00/person and includes a hot drink) that begins at the Military Museum with a guided afterhours tour there, and then ends in Currie to see the lights. 

Chinook Blast is also happening right now with free and ticked events. It’s an eclectic festival with something for everyone. There may be an event happening close enough for you and your Valentine to stroll over with your thermoses of hot chocolate. 

Like the idea of snuggling close to keep warm on a wintery night date? Plan a stargazing date. Whether you have a balcony, a back yard, or, for a better view, head out beyond the city limits, a couple sleeping bags or some wool blankets should keep you warm enough to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Wondering what you will see? Check out the Sky Live for a list of what is visible in your area.  

Skip the takeout. Stay in, make dinner together, have a picnic in the living room next to the fireplace or with candles placed around the room for a romantic glow. Not happening? You cook every other darn day and it’s someone elses turn to cook your meal and clean up the mess? We hear you. Opt to go out versus take-out and reduce the throw-away containers. Or, this could be a good time to try one of the restaurants partnering with Earthware, a local company changing the way we do take-out. You might just find a new restaurant to fall in love with.  

Whatever you do, we hope you have a fun and safe Valentine’s Day!  

*The thaw and freeze of the Calgary chinooks has made some paths and roadways icy. Please be cautious if you are venturing out by bike.