Don't Be an April Fool, Get your Rain Barrel Today

Posted on March 31, 2020

Green Calgary’s annual rain barrel sales have been a major fundraiser and community event for over 20 years, a legacy which we intend to honour this year. 
While the current public health crisis has kept many of us separate from one another, the possibility of holding rain barrel sales in a physical location has become an impossibility. 
So, Green Calgary is taking the sales online instead!

What you can expect: 

  • The same great Green Calgary rain barrels in blue or white 
  • Rain barrels at a special, bargain price of $75 barrel until May 1st when they go up to $85
  • The same excellent rain barrel support through our help desk 
  • Green Calgary pays half the delivery fee! A new, reduced price of $10 delivery for your first two barrels, $10 per barrel after that (in the same order). 
  • Delivery to every quadrant of the city on select days (pick up from our offices might become available at a later date)

We’re hoping this change will be a welcome one in lieu of the actual sales locations, and that this will be the most convenient and safe for everyone involved. 
You can order your barrel online as of April 1st here:

This is a big change, so please help us get the word out! Share our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram posts to your friends and family. If you want to save water on a budget, get your rain barrel today!