Can You Buy Nothing for A Day?

Posted on November 24, 2015

As humans, we need to consume to live. Air. Water. Food. And all those things are provided by a planet with seemingly inexhaustible resources. But we know that we are often taking more than we need and the planet cannot replenish resources - air, water, the soil - as fast as we are consuming and polluting them.

We know the dilemma. We face it, too. We've developed society to embrace consumerism in all forms. So how do we stop? How do we do the right thing?

It starts with awareness. That’s why on Nov 27th, people across the world will choose to buy nothing. We invite you to participate to give instead of receive. You can do something nice for someone - shovel a sidewalk for a neighbour, do the cooking and the dishes when it's not your night, just something that doesn't involve purchasing more stuff.

You can also give to a worthwhile charity. As a local environmental charity, we're fueled by YOUR support. Every dollar you donate to Green Calgary enables us to deliver hands on environmental programming to empower Calgarians to green the way they live, work and play. You can make a gift to support our local environmental work in 2016 here.

Did you know two Calgarians decided to have a Buy Nothing Year last year? Read their story for tips and inspiration.

Challenge yourself to take a stand against consumerism and in favour of generosity, this Nov 27th, on Buy Nothing Day.