9 Green Gift Giving Tips for the Kids

Posted on December 8, 2015

Children often delight in the wonder and magic of the holiday season.  And you can maintain oodles of that magic and still be kind to the planet, too. We're here to help with our with 9 green gift giving tips:

1.    Buy fewer but better: Instead of buying your kids lots of little or medium gifts (that they may not even all use and that will clutter up your house), consider getting them one or two bigger gifts that will really make them smile. Think about pooling money together with family members for something that they may use for years to come.

2.    Avoid the batteries: Discarded batteries are an environmental hazard and 40% of battery purchases take place over the holidays. If you can, avoid gifts that require batteries and opt for plug in electronics instead.

3.    Give experiences: Experiences are often more eco-friendly, get kids excited for the future and make for great family time. Some ideas are zoo memberships, snowboarding passes, restaurant gift certificates; movie passes, concert or festival tickets, or think about signing your family up for a fun new skill you can learn together (like cooking!). Oftentime, the best gift you can give your kids is time with you.

4.    Local stores: There are a few local stores in #yyc with eco-friendly toys, including Community Natural Foods (has a great section for babies), or try some local makers at Christmas markets around town.

5.    Green stocking stuffers: Try to avoid stocking stuffers that are made out of low-quality materials just to fill the stocking. Instead, think about small and usable - treats, gift cards to their favourite places, mittens, puzzles, or crafts.

6.    Wrapping paper: As much as you might get excited by pretty wrapping paper, kids just want to get to the surprise inside. Think of some unique ways to wrap their gifts such as old maps, newspaper, paper bags, fabric, boxes, old calendars, boxes or jars.

7.    De-clutter: Make room for new gifts by donating toys your kids don’t like anymore. Make your kids a part of the experience by explaining they will go to kids who need them, or to friends of the family with younger children.

8.    Buy to last: The best toys grow with the child, and are high quality. Learn more about what makes a great toy from a local toyshop owner!

9.    Volunteer or Give: Studies show that parents play an important role in encouraging philanthropy in young people. Give the gift of giving to your kids by donating to a cause they care about, or spending time volunteering together.

The holidays are such an exciting time for kids and doesn't have to be filled with more stuff. By bringing your children into the conversation, you can easily begin combining new earth friendly actions with old-time holiday traditions.  What traditions have you updated in your family to be more eco conscious? Tweet us :)