5 Ways to Green your Camping Trip 2017

Posted on May 19, 2017

It’s the May long weekend, and many Calgarians enjoy Victoria Day out of the city, spending time in nature and camping. Whether you’re leaving this weekend or any other, here are 5 tips to make sure you keep nature clean and yourself green while camping!

1. Choice of gear. What you take with you will be one of the most important choices you make. If you need new camping gear, look to either get very high quality gear from local retailers that will last a long time or look for used gear. The same goes for your dishes – skip one-use items like paper plates and buy nice re-usable dishes, such as high quality bamboo plates (seriously!) or plastic plates, and thrift store metal cutlery.

2. Skip the tech. Whether it’s time with family or alone, camping is a chance to appreciate nature and learn about your environment. Instead of packing your laptop or tablet, bring field guides to identify plants and animals on a hike, or outdoor games to play with one another. If you need your phone for emergencies, turn it off unless you need it, or pick a short time every day to check in on things. This also means you won’t need electrical outlets.

3. Bring eco-friendly toiletries. You’re going to want to use some personal care products while you’re out in nature, absolutely, so try to bring eco-friendly ones. Biodegradeable dish soap, natural soaps, and more are available widely, even in most grocery stores. You can also buy all natural insect repellent in our store!

4. Respect your fire. If you’re planning to make a fire, make it as sustainable as possible. Fires are known to calm people and create a great social space. Of course, when picking firewood we recommend local, sustainable sources, or an eco-friendly manufactured log. Tree cutting permits from the Alberta Government also allow you to collect deadfall for use as firewood. Remember when you build your fire keep it small and build it for the amount of time you want to spend. Not throwing on another log when you’re going to sleep in 10 minutes means you don’t have to douse the fire and ruin the wood. Of course, make sure you check fire bans and observe park regulations.

5. Pack out what you pack in. Whatever you bring with you, make sure you take it back with you. Avoid bringing foods with lots of packaging, and instead put everything in reusable containers. Take your time when you’re packing to organize your gear to reduce wasted space and weight, and bring containers for keeping your garbage/recyclables/compost if you can. It will make a big difference!

Are we missing anything? Do you have an expert-level recommendation for camping? Have a story to share? We want to hear it! Talk with us on Twitter or Facebook. Have a great long weekend Calgary and, as always, be safe and have fun!