8 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mom

Posted on May 13, 2017

This weekend is a special one for many families, where we celebrate our mothers. Today is also World Fair Trade Day, which means it’s a great time to buy something ethical and sustainable for your mother and support your #greengoals. With Mother’s Day tomorrow, we have 8 ideas for Sustainable and Fair Trade gifts for your mother!

1. Buy Flowers. Locally grown flowers are a classic gift that you can turn into beautiful compost later. That said, even better is a potted plant that can be enjoyed for years to come! Check local garden centres and find a native potted plant for your mother to enjoy!

2. Share some Lovely Food. Many grocers and food establishments will be selling lovely Mother’s Day treats this weekend. You can find fair trade chocolates from Community Natural Foods and other local organic grocers. You can pick up ingredients and cook a favourite meal for your mother, too. You can try one of our #meatlessmonday recipes for a healthy and sustainable choice!

3. Make a Homemade Card. Cards are still a lovely gift, but many cards are not the best for the environment. Purchased cards need to be recycled, taking up resources, and greener solutions, like seed cards, might be seeds for non-native species. Instead, try making your own card out of what you have around your home. Here are some ideas for materials you can re-purpose and upcycle that are already in your home!

4. Buy a Used or Local Gift. If there’s something you just have to buy for your mother, why not look at used items? The CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale is on this weekend, for example, and there are many thrift stores that are dedicated charities, such as the Women in Need Society in Calgary. Otherwise, look for sustainable local businesses to support. Our store sells local personal care products and our friends at REAP have a great list of more!

5. Improve her Home & Garden. With the #GreenSeason here, it’s a great time to look to improving home & garden. If your mother is interested in gardening, or just wants to save some water, consider picking up a rain barrel or composter – we even have some on sale! It’s also a great time to consider some DIY projects, so pick one you can work on together!

6. Make a Donation. Giving a charitable gift in someone’s name is often a way to show you care in an enduring way. This is especially true if you want to donate park benches or become a founding donor , as you often get your loved one’s name on a plaque or similar. Our Little Green Library is currently accepting donations to become a founder, so you can give now to help others and honour your mother.

7. Offer to Help. Sometimes just helping out is enough. You could do some cleaning, run errands, or help with a project, such as planting a garden or installing a rain barrel. Helping others is always a great way to share your life and deepen your bonds.

8. Share Time Outside. A bike ride, a hike in nature, or just a walk in a park, being outside is a great way to share time and isn’t our time the greatest gift of all?

We would love to hear what green activities you got up to for Mother’s Day – post on our Facebook page or Tweet @greencalgary! Happy World Fair Trade Day and Happy Mother’s Day #yyc!