Our Team

Executive Director - Lex van der Raadt formed an interest in the environment from growing up on stories of adventure and exploration - as well as explorations of his own through travel and camping. He has worked in the non-profit space for 15 years, especially in the areas of volunteer management, operations, accounting, and business development. Lex has a background in communication and marketing with a MA in English from the University of Calgary. In his spare time, Lex enjoys culinary experimentation, creative writing, and designing games.​​​​​​

Fund Development and Communications Coordinator - Louise Bwandinga has a passion for growth and development and actively explores opportunities for improvement. Her interests in the political and economic development of the Global South, specifically the African continent, led her to the concept of sustainability which she utilizes as a lense to identify and discuss important issues in our world today. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary and has four years of experience working with various university student services departments. In her free time, she enjoys thrift shopping and creating collage art using old household items. Additionally, she invests her time in the exploration and appreciation of art and music that convey the narratives of her African heritage.

Bookkeeper - Surina Gupta

Program Staff

Coordinator, Green Workplace - Crystal Mackenzie is a born and raised Calgarian. Her environmental consciousness began at an early age when the 3Rs, composting, and reusable grocery bags were everyday things in her home, long before it was common practice. Since then, her passion for a clean, safe environment for everyone has only gotten stronger. Her post-secondary schooling focused on education and communication techniques, and she uses this to share her deep passion for water and watershed health. Crystal also runs a local literary magazine, and is a creative writer and editor, in her spare time.

Coordinator, Green Kids & Generation Green - Kyra Owens has a passion for science communication. From her time at the University of Calgary, she found her love for plants and conservation, graduating with a Bachelor's in Plant Biology. From there, her work with summer camps and the Calgary Horticultural Society has led to her desire to teach kids about the wonders of our environment, especially through hands-on learning. Overall, Kyra has a desire to inspire a future generation of scientists. Outside of work, she enjoys tending to her houseplants, hiking, baking, and cooking.

Educator, Green Kids & Generation Green - Nancy Selin is a nurse with a great passion for teaching and learning. She has great memories of camping as a child and now as a mother of 3, she does the same with her family most weekends in the summer. A good camping weekend also includes an easy read and some bird watching. Her desire to learn more about how to care for our planet grew when she volunteered with her son's class on a field trip to the Material Recovery Facility. Together with her family, Nancy is learning how best we can care for the world in which we live and play.

Operations and Administration Assistant - Kaitlin Gargus is a lifelong lover of the great outdoors. From a young age, she found joy in catching aquatic invertebrates in her neighborhood pond and embarking on weekend camping adventures. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Calgary, Kaitlin has been working for the past five years as a consultant assisting First Nations and Indigenous communities with their ecological conservation and wildlife monitoring initiatives. Driven by a fervent desire to instill a passion for sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, Kaitlin is committed to making a positive impact. When she's not immersed in her work, you can find Kaitlin taking snowboarding lessons, exploring her creative side through arts and crafts, or soaking up the energy of live concerts.

Community Outreach Specialist - Judi Vandenbrink has been enjoying environmental pursuits since she was a child. Growing up just outside of Kamloops with the freedom to explore the area’s hills, creeks, and wildlife. She has made Calgary home since 1987 and has worked in the environmental sector for over 20 years; promoting sustainable building technologies, leading riparian restoration work, developing stewardship programs, organizing volunteers, leading tours, writing, presenting, and spreading the sustainability message. Judi has a BSc in Ecology from the University of Calgary, has attended numerous conferences and workshops. When she is not working she enjoys: kayaking, hiking, cycling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, gardening, music, pets, and exploring the natural environment with family and friends. She especially enjoys spending time with her 5 year old granddaughter.

Coordinator, Green Homes and Communities- Resty Nabaterega is passionate about waste management and a sustainable environment. She believes that everyone has the capacity to save our environment for the future generation. Her post-graduate research focused on waste management. She has four years of work experience in an engineering research laboratory focused on waste management for biogas and other valuable bioproducts. In her spare time, she likes listening to music, window shopping, hiking, researching, and exploring the neighborhood.