Our Team

Executive Director - Nirmala Naidoo is an award winning, veteran journalist who’s worked for Canadian, British, and American television networks. In 2016, she was considering a news position in Beijing, China, when something caused her passion for the environment to soar. She was told that if she moved to Beijing, her children would have to wear masks everyday due to pollution. She immediately thought, “How can I knowingly put my children into that situation?” Then she equally thought, “How can I knowingly live on this side of the planet, and NOT do anything to protect the environment?”  After leaving journalism, Nirmala went on to be a senior manager at the Alberta Climate Change Office before becoming Executive Director at Green Calgary. Nirmala is married with two young boys. The family camps nearly every weekend in the summer – often with their dog and three cats in tow. Nirmala is also a former politician and public ambassador who has been Top 40 Under 40 twice, was profiled on the cover of TIME Magazine, named one of the “150 Women Who Shaped Alberta” and was Keynote Speaker at Enbridge’s Famous Five. Nirmala says “protecting our environment is the greatest gift and legacy we can leave to our children.”

Manager, Employees & Communications - Lex van der Raadt formed an interest in the environment from growing up on stories of adventure and exploration. His voracious appetite for knowledge led to degrees in archaeology and English, and a thirst for sharing with others all he has learned. In his spare time, Lex enjoys culinary experimentation, creative writing, and designing games.

Green Hub Team Member - Jen Freudenthaler is a native Calgarian who is passionate about community and the environment. After many years of volunteering, Jen became involved with the Clean Air Champions and Waste Wise Outreach Programs; has led education workshops; and is a graduate of the Master Composter Course. Currently Jennifer helps out in the EcoStore and various projects.

Bookkeeper - Surina Gupta

Program Staff

Coordinator, Environment and Climate Literacy - Workplace - Breanna Sayles has always had a fascination with nature. From a young age, she would obsess over wildlife shows and played outside with butterflies and bugs – to this day, not much has changed! This curiosity and passion for the environment inspired her to pursue a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Ecology. Outside of work, she spends her time kickboxing, hiking, reading, or volunteering with the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.

Educator, Environment and Climate Literacy - Workplace and Youth - Stephanie Southgate is a certified teacher and worked as an elementary teacher in the UK. Since moving to Calgary in 2014, Stephanie has worked as an environmental educator with the Calgary Zoo and the City of Calgary’s Waste and Recycling team, and more recently managed the Youth Wavemakers environmental education program with CAWST. She has also worked with the Alberta Council for Environmental Education to campaign for more environmental topics to be included in the Alberta curriculum. Stephanie is currently studying for MSc Outdoor, Environmental and Sustainability Education through the University of Edinburgh.

Stephanie enjoys spending time outdoors while running, reading and camping, hiking in the mountains, as well as playing flute in musical ensembles.

Educator, Environment and Climate Literacy - Children and Youth - Nancy Selin is a nurse with a great passion for teaching and learning. She has great memories of camping as a child and now as a mother of 3, she does the same with her family most weekends in the summer. A good camping weekend also includes an easy read and some bird watching. Her desire to learn more about how to care for our planet grew when she volunteered with her son's class on a field trip to the Material Recovery Facility. Together with her family, Nancy is learning how best we can care for the world in which we live and play.