Our Team

Executive Director - Conor Tappwhose first name rhymes with Donor, has been a non-profit leader for more than 15 years. He has served some of Calgary’s smallest and Canada’s largest charities in his 15+ year non-profit career that most recently saw him leading Strategic Philanthropy for a major national research foundation. A married father of three, Conor tries to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into his parenting – water conservation, waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. An avid cyclist, you can find Conor riding on the pathways and bike lanes most mornings as he makes his way to the office.

Senior Manager, Administration and Human Resources - Christie Schulze has a passion for the environment which began at an early age; she often arrived home late because she had been collecting garbage while walking home. She feels lucky to have found an organization to make use of her talents for numbers and administration.  When she isn’t at work she may be found at a local yarn store or at home with her spinning wheel and a freshly washed fleece.

Communications & Community Engagement Specialist - Lex van der Raadt formed an interest in the environment from growing up on stories of adventure and exploration. His voracious appetite for knowledge led to degrees in archaeology and English, and a thirst for sharing with others all he has learned. In his spare time, Lex enjoys culinary experimentation, creative writing, and designing games.

Fund & Business Development - Gabriela Pino is a new Canadian who is passionate about sustainability and working for the greater good. Calgary is more than just a city to her, it is the place where she found the resources, support and freedom to pursue a career in Fund Development. Working with Green Calgary has helped her advance in her green journey and realize all the positive actions she can take in her everyday life to save our beautiful planet. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and learning about social innovation. 

Green Hub Team Member - Jen Freudenthaler is a native Calgarian who is passionate about community and the environment. After many years of volunteering, Jen became involved with the Clean Air Champions and Waste Wise Outreach Programs; has led education workshops; and is a graduate of the Master Composter Course. Currently Jennifer helps out in the EcoStore and various projects.

Green Hub Team Member - Ghita Jones grew up in lower-class, rural Quebec and spent her youth running wild around apple orchards, corn fields, her mother's extensive gardens, and huge compost heaps. This upbringing set the foundation for Ghita’s green journey. She moved with her husband to Calgary in 2015 and immediately joined Green Calgary as a member and volunteer. She knew that the best way she could make a positive environmental difference was by joining a like-minded group. She is a new mother and works alongside Jen in the EcoStore.

Program Staff

Lead, Environment and Climate Programs - Workplace - Alex Berthin grew up in Victoria, where he obtained a diploma in Environmental Technology. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation from UBC, he began finding ways to develop his passion for leadership, conservation and sustainability. New to Alberta and Calgary, he is eager to explore the city and help work towards making Calgary a model of sustainability.

Coordinator, Environment and Climate Literacy - Children and Youth (on leave until early 2018) - Raine Sillito spent her youth exploring nature and growing food with her family in rural Alberta. A permaculture course inspired her to work with children and explore her passion for education, sustainable living and creating space for social innovation. When she's not studying for her graduate degree in Integral Learning, she enjoys reading, painting, and developing theatre projects.

Coordinator, Environment and Climate Literacy - Community - Deb Grasza grew up in Calgary, and her best memories from her youth were spent exploring the ravine in Silver Springs and enjoying nature at a family cabin in Northern Alberta. She describes herself as an “outdoor cat” who feels best with the sun on her face. When she isn’t watching one of her children play sports, you will find her hiking, spending time with family outdoors, or reading.

Environment and Climate Educator - A native Calgarian, Stephanie Aleksiuk spent her youth tagging along with her dad as he researched the Back-to-the-Land Movement; beginning her love for the natural world. Since earning her BA in Canadian Studies, she's been raising a family and aims to pass her care for the earth to them. When she’s not volunteering, you may find her walking her dog, running, or reading.