Recycler Directory

Note: The Recycler Directory is being phased out in 2022. To find a hauler, instead use Green Calgary's new Know Before You Throw: Waste Search for Business

Using the Directory

1. The Recycler Directory lists haulers who can regularly pick up food and yard waste, mixed recycling, and/or landfill waste.

2. Check for the kind of service you want between Multi-Family, Commercial/Institutional, and Construction & Demolition.

3. Click the Recycler's name to visit their website and obtain contact information or other specialized information.

4. Once you choose to contact a hauler, follow The City of Calgary’s Hiring a Collection Company tip sheet for questions to consider when talking to a perspective collection company.

5. Green Calgary verified Recyclers appear at the top of the list for your convenience.

Don't need regular collection or have other items you need picked up or drop off services for? Check out our SPECIALTY DIRECTORY

If you need help determining what kind of service you might need, contact our help desk!

Green Calgary Verification

Green Calgary verifies haulers to ensure that all the recyclable materials being collected are transported and distributed responsibly to the correct processors and kept out of the landfill. We obtain information regarding recycling methods, and verify through a review of invoices and scale tickets, and a site visit. All haulers with a verified icon beside their listing have passed our verification process.

If you are a hauler interested in getting verified you can get started with the process here.

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