Recycler Verification 

There are many recycler options to provide waste & recycling services for companies. But how can you be assured that the waste you've sorted through your recycling programs, is actually being diverted from the landfill?

To help address this issue, Green Calgary offers a FREE voluntary recycler verification program where recyclers can choose to provide their recycling data and documentation about where their materials go and how much of their waste is actually diverted from landfills. We do on-site verification as well as electronic data collection with each recycler that chooses to participate in the program.

The Recycler Directory lists many local recyclers and specifically identifies those who have chosen to participate in the verification program. Look for the "green leaf" next to a listing on the table to select those that have been verified.

Recyclers interested in participating in the Green Calgary Recycler Verification program are encouraged to contact a Green Workplace Consultant for more information.

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