Depave Calgary

What is depaving? It's a hands-on process of physically removing unnecessary paved surfaces and restoring them to vibrant and beautiful green spaces. By depaving, we can help:

  • create vibrant, community green spaces that engage and connect neighbours;
  • restore the natural cycle of water by allowing rain water to soak into the ground (filtering contaminants) and recharging our groundwater supply;
  • prevent oils, fertilizers and other contaminants from entering our storm drains and potentially polluting our rivers and other waterways;
  • replace hard impermeable surfaces with native plants, trees and shrubs that can help cool our neighbourhoods. 
We offer 2 opportunities to Depave Calgary in your community:
  • Depave Your Community: Interested in organizing a Depave project in your community, school, church, etc.? We can help! Green Calgary offers FREE Depave Info Sessions for groups interested in organizing a community Depave project. Contact us for more details on how to host a Depave Info Session in your community!
  • Depave Your Driveway: Are you a homeowner with an unnecessary paved area? We can show you how to get rid of that pavement and increase water infiltration! Either host a work party where you can have the help of many, or attend a work party so you can learn how it’s done before tackling your own project. If you are interested in depaving your driveway, contact us to get started!

Check out the latest 2 projects completed in 2015:

We're looking for up to 3 new projects to support in 2016.  Contact us today!