Your Sustainable Innovations and Green Easter

Posted on March 31, 2018

Have you heard about 100in1Day yet? Heard about it but still fuzzy on what exactly it is? Either way, we’re here to tell you!

100in1Day is a global movement, started by students in Colombia in 2012. The idea? Perform “urban interventions” to maximize the potential of their city. What did that all mean? It means inspiring, supporting, and engaging urban populations to take pride in their city, and do something to make that city better, one action at a time.

Examples of urban interventions in Canada include making rain gardens in Toronto’s Danforth East Village, or rating the cycling routes in Hamilton. The urban interventions don’t have to be big, because together they make a huge difference!

With 100in1Day, the goal is to have 100 urban interventions happen in a single day in each participating city. There have been 31 cities in the world that have participated in the past, including Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax, and Vancouver in Canada. This is the first year that Calgary will be participating and Green Calgary is the charity supporting the projects!

So, if you have an idea for a green or sustainable project in the city, or you think you might be interested in trying to find an idea, we’re here to support you! We kick off next week with a free workshop (and there are more later) where you can learn more about the project, brainstorm ideas, and learn just how you can proceed to make your green ideas reality!

 So, check out our 100in1Day page, register for a workshop, and help us take 100 actions to make Calgary shine!

Since it’s Easter weekend, we know that for many of you that will mean family get-togethers, Easter egg hunts, egg dyeing, and more! We’ve written in the past about the ways you can make your Easter green-friendly, and we wanted to point you to last year’s blog for Easter for advice! If you do some natural egg dyeing, or any other cool green Easter project, please share it with us with #greenseason2018! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Take care and Happy Easter!

Join the Green Season 2018! Come join us at locations around the city for a pop-up shop, expert advice, and a rain barrel sale! Find more locations and our next Green Season event at ATB Creekside HERE!