A Tale of Three Rain Harvesting Champions!

Posted on May 21, 2015

We partner with organizations that truly live their green values. Our Calgary Rain Barrel champions not only make it possible for us to host our community sales, they are meeting some fairly lofty sustainability goals of their own...

London Drugs has been working to reduce the waste trail of their products for decades. Don't see garbage bins at the back of their stores? There's a reason for that - they are pretty close to hitting ZERO WASTE! Their Whats the Green Deal Program now tallies more than 77 million pounds of materials recycled, and their overall average waste diversion rate in their stores is 92%. Learn more about their commitment to sustainability including what products they recycle and their many eco-friendly services and products in-store or online.

Blue Grass Nursery & Garden Centre has a variety of their own sustainability initiatives such as a "Recycle your Plant Pot program", reusing as much packaging as they can and demonstrating sustainable gardening practices on a large scale by using rain barrels to water their plants and composting all their organic materials.  And they plant 100s of trees in #yyc every year! They're at every sale with draws, giveaways, coupons and the opportunity to pre-order your plants and landscaping materials. 

First Calgary Financial has been a sponsor of Green Calgary's Annual Rain Barrel & Composter Sales for 3 years!!  As a locally based credit union, their members are their owners. Head to First Calgary to learn about their investments in local charitable organizations and how they support the sustainability and vibrancy of #yyc communities. Or come by their booth at each sale where they have games, draws, and giveaways.

Haven't been to a Rain Barrel & Composter sale yet but want to be a local rain harvesting champion? C'mon down or pre-order online - only a handful of sales left!