How Rain Barrels Benefit Our Community

Posted on May 13, 2024

t’s rain barrel season here at Green Calgary!

Rain barrels, although simple, harness a multitude of benefits. Since the spring rains are here, it is time to use nature’s resources to our advantage. Although rain barrels can benefit and improve one’s water consumption, let us look at the bigger picture: how rain barrels benefit our community?

Firstly, what are rain barrels? A rain barrel is a simple device that collects and stores rainwater runoff from rooftops. This rainwater can be used for multiple purposes, such as watering one’s garden or even flushing toilets. There are so many ways rain barrels can benefit the community, and this blog covers multiple ways it can do so.

1. Water Conservation

The obvious benefit to rain barrels. Although rain barrels could help alleviate one’s water bill, it also can help out your community. Right now, Calgary is facing a drought. It is crucial that everyone plays their part in water conservation to alleviate pressure on already strained municipal water sources. By doing so, they can contribute to a significant reduction in overall water consumption in the community.

2. Cost Savings

Saving water can also help cut costs. With the cost of living on the rise, using our natural resources is a great way to cut costs on the individual and community level. Collecting and storing rainwater not only lowers your bills, but it also reduces the community’s reliance on municipal water supplies, which are currently dwindling. Less strain on municipal resources could translate into lower operational costs for water utilities, which in the future could lead to reduced water costs for the entire community.

3. Environmental Benefits

Apart from water conservation, rain barrels also benefit the environment in other ways. Rain barrels reduce stormwater runoff since they collect it. Due to that, they can prevent erosion on your lawns. The prevention of soil erosion can help reduce the volume and velocity of rainwater runoff in your communities, which can minimize the risk of local flooding. Therefore, rain barrels are protecting your community’s ecosystems.

4. Community Education & Engagement

Rain barrels are a great way to educate the community. A quick glance at a rain barrel in your yard can easily initiate a conversation with your neighbor. An individual’s curious mind is a great way to further spread awareness about rain barrels and water conservation. In addition, engaging in conversations about water conservation can encourage others to take part in it. Rain barrels not only benefit you, but they can also inspire your neighbors as well.​​​​​​​

Have you purchased your rain barrel yet?

Although our pre-orders and deliveries are sold out, there is still a chance to pick up a rain barrel at one of our pickup locations on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Pickups start at 10 am, but we advise our community members to arrive earlier as there will be a lineup. Coming earlier increases your chances of securing a barrel.

May 25th: Calgary Co-Op, Deer Valley (1221 Canyon Meadows Dr. SE)
June 1st: Genesis Centre (7555 Falconridge Blvd NE #10)
June 8th: Calgary Co-Op, West Springs (917 85 St SW)
June 15th: Inglewood Community Garden (2297 17 St SE)
June 22nd: Community Natural Foods, Chinook (202 61 Ave SW)


Please not you can also join our waitlist and get notified of when a barrel is available! 



Aira Dela Rosa 

Communications Team Volunteer

​​​​​​​Green Calgary