Installing Your Rain Barrel

Posted on May 18, 2016

While the 1st step is getting a rain barrel, we often hear that our customers require a bit more support with the installation of their barrels.  This year, we embarked on making more tools available than just calling or dropping by our EcoStore for a bit of help (although you can still do that, too!)

1) Step by Step Installation Instructions: we now have detailed installation instructions which can be downloaded from our website for free. We even have them translated into some common languages for the newcomers in #yyc. Contact our EcoStore for more info.

2) Installation Videos: Are you a visual learner? We've just completed step by step installation videos for the 2 types of rain barrels we carry. Check out Installing a Single Outlet Rain Barrel or Installing a Triple Outlet Rain Barrel depending on which type you have purchased.

3) Installation Tool Kit: Don't have all the tools you need to install your rain barrel? We're providing installation kits - pay $25 upfront and when you return the kit (either to a community sale or to our EcoStore) you get $20 back. Contact our Ecostore for more info.

4) Installation Services: Would you simply prefer to pay someone to install your rain barrels for you? We've partnered with one of our members, Water Harvesting Canada, who provides an installation service at a reduced rate for Green Calgary rain barrels.

And don't forget that once you've installed your rain barrel, tweet or post your #rainbarrelselfie to enter our weekly draw for a $25 gift card from Blue Grass Nursery & Garden Centre!