Green Season Starts Now!

Posted on March 17, 2018

You may not have heard of the "green season" before, but that's what Green Calgary is calling a series of events that are running from the end of March all the way through June. Maybe you've heard of our Annual Rain Barrel and Composter sales before? The Green Season is the evolution of that! Here are the answers to some questions we've gotten so far!

Why did you rename the sales? Because "sale" doesn't cover what we do at these events. Each Green Season event does have rain barrels and composters for sale, but now it also has experts at each event and location. This is your chance to get 1-on-1 time with experts of all stripes, from sustainability to pollinators to gardening! Check out our social media and our blog each week to see who is coming to that week's event and come down to ask questions, learn something new, and maybe just pick up a rain barrel while your at it!

I already have a rain barrel and composter, do you sell anything else? Why yes! Each event is also going to have a pop-up shop with tons of great EcoStore products on offer, from stainless steel straws to bokashi to all-natural lip balm!

Is a rain barrel right for me? Probably! We have water conservation educators on site for each sale to help walk you through what rain barrel, if any, would be right for you and your home.

My car isn't big enough / is full. How can I get a rain barrel home? Good news! This year we're offering delivery of rain barrels and composters! Just pick out your products at a Green Season event and for a small fee, we'll get it shipped to your door!

With the Green Carts, why do I need a composter? Good question! Need a composter and wanting compost are different, and actually The City of Calgary's Green Carts pair well with a backyard composter. You can't put bones or fallen tree branches in a backyard composter, so the Green Cart still helps you divert your food and yard waste that way, but you might also want a constant supply of fertilizer and that's where a backyard composter shines! Still not sure, you can come ask us questions about this at the event as well!

When are the events? Where? Below is the full schedule of events and locations. Hope to see you there!

Saturdays: 8:30am-12 Noon

  • March 24th: Green Calgary Association (#100, 301-14th Street NW)
  • April 7th: ATB Creekside (12012 Symons Valley Rd. NW)
  • April 14th: ATB Walden (300 - 151 Walden Gate SE)
  • April 21st: IKEA (8000 11th Street SE)
  • April 28th: Community Natural Foods (202 61 Ave. SW)
  • May 5th: ATB Saddleridge (50 Saddletown Cir. NE)
  • May 12th: ATB WestSprings (202 - 917 85th Street SW)
  • May 26th: Mount Royal University (4825 Mt. Royal Gate SW)
  • June 9th: ATB Rocky Ridge (3000 - 11595 Rockyvalley Dr. NW)
  • June 16th: ATB Douglas Glen (200 - 11488 24 Street SE)
  • June 30th:  Green Calgary Association (#100, 301-14th Street NW)

Those are all the dates! If you're curious as to what we'll be up to, keep informed on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us!