Green Calgary Introduces Our New Executive Director

Posted on November 29, 2019

Green Calgary has a new Executive Director we'd love for you to meet! Nirmala Naidoo is an award winning, veteran journalist who’s worked for Canadian, British, and American television networks. In 2016, she was considering a news position in Beijing, China, when something caused her passion for the environment to soar. She was told that if she moved to Beijing, her children would have to wear masks everyday due to pollution. She immediately thought, “How can I knowingly put my children into that situation?” Then she equally thought, “How can I knowingly live on this side of the planet, and NOT do anything to protect the environment?” After leaving journalism, Nirmala went on to be a senior manager at the Alberta Climate Change Office before becoming Executive Director at Green Calgary. As Nirmala writes:


My parents taught me that education is power and education is freedom. For decades, Green Calgary has done exactly that: empowering people through knowledge, to help us understand our influence on the planet and to learn about the necessary tools to make changes in the areas that matter most to us. 
It has been a challenging year for us at Green Calgary and we made the decision to refocus on what we do best. We have given up our physical Eco Store (we are still online!) and have moved to a smaller space upstairs of our building. But we have huge plans for the year ahead and need your continued support now, more than ever before.  
I also know that protecting the earth is not someone else’s job – it is OUR job – yours and mine. It starts with me, we, and us. 


This coming Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, a day when charities ask for support in response to the consumerism of Black Friday before. We hope you will consider supporting Green Calgary's mission by making a donation here...


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